What is Cigatreat?

Cigatreat is a monthly health subscription box designed for smokers.
Cigatreat has 2 different subscription plans: Healthier Smoking Box and Quit Smoking Box.
Healthier Smoking Box is designed to improve the health of smokers who have no intention to quit.
Quit Smoking Box is designed to help smokers quit smoking in 3 months.

Can I purchase Cigatreat subscription box as a gift?

Yes, definitely! Just tick “This is a gift” button when filling up delivering address and proceed from there.

Can I pause my subscription plan if I am away?

Yes, you can pause your subscription on the month you desire.
Just send us an email via Contact Us stating the month you desire to pause, 3 days before its next billing cycle (28th of the month).

Can I customize my subscription box?

Unfortunately, no because each bundle is carefully designed to provide you the best value in terms of health and money.
However, you can switch between the 2 plans anytime, 3 days before the next billing cycle (28th of the month).

Follow the steps below to change your subscription plan:
1) Log In
2) Go to My Subscriptions and click view
3) Click cancel
4) Go to Home page and subscribe to the plan you want


Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to Brunei, Indonesia (Jakarta only), Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (Bangkok only).

When should I expect my subscription box?

We will start delivering your subscription box on every 1st of the month.
You should receive it within 1 – 3 working days in Singapore/Malaysia and 4 – 6 working days internationally (Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand).

How and when will my credit/debit be charged?

Your credit/debit card will be charged immediately when you sign up for the 1st subscription.
The 2nd subscription onwards will be charged on a monthly basis which is every 28th of the month.

Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime, 3 days before the next billing cycle (28th of the month).

Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription:
1) Log In
2) Go to My Subscriptions and click view
3) Click cancel and that’s it!

Am I able to get refund?

We do not provide any refund. However, if you forget to cancel after the billing cycle, you will still receive a subscription box as usual but you will not be billed from the following month onwards.


Is Swisse Lung Health Support suitable for vegetarian?

Yes! Swisse Lung Health Support is suitable for vegetarian.

What if your patch comes off?

This is highly unlikely to happen. However, if your patch falls off, put on a new one. Then remove this new patch at your regular time to maintain your same schedule.

What if your skin reacts to the patch?

When you first put on a patch, mild itching, burning, or tingling sensation is normal and should go away within an hour. After you remove a patch, the skin under the patch might be slightly red. Your skin should not stay red for more than a day. If you have a skin rash, redness or swelling caused by the patch that does not go away after 3 days, consult your doctor. Do not put on a new patch; you may be allergic to one of the components of the patch.