Habitrol Patch 4pc

Habitrol patch is a nicotine transdermal skin patch that help you stop smoking. It uses time released technology for sustained delivery of nicotine over 24 hours per patch. When you wear the patch, it gradually releases nicotine into your bloodstream through the skin.
It works by replacing the nicotine which your body craves from smoking.
Made in Germany.

Habitrol patches have 3 different level of nicotine dosage:

  1. Habitrol Step 1 – 21mg transdermal patch
  2. Habitrol Step 2 – 14mg transdermal patch
  3. Habitrol Step 3 – 7mg transdermal patch

*Registered with New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority.


Healthier Smoking Box

Habitrol nicotine patch is 1 of the 3 products which comes in Healthier Smoking Box.
You will get 4 pieces of Habitrol nicotine patches per month. Your smoking frequency will determine the nicotine level of the patches you get.

The 1st objective is to reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke by replacing cigarettes with Habitrol nicotine patch weekly.

The 2nd objective is to provide you with a “weekly no smoking experience” which may inspire or motivate you to quit smoking for life.

We recommend the “weekly no smoking experience” to be on a Sunday. This is because we will share interactive post on Facebook every Sunday where all Healthier Smoking Box’s subscribers can join and make your “weekly no smoking experience” more interesting.

Results of weekly cigarette replacement:

Smoking frequency Number of cigarettes reduced / month
½ pack per day 40 sticks
1 pack per day 80 sticks
2 pack per day 160 sticks

“If you cannot stop smoking, choose the healthier way”



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